Books I Heart, Books I Frowny-Face

I came across this little gem in my notebook today. I share it with only mild trepidation about the ensuing judgement for how I think about books. It was some exercise to help direct me towards writing books that are the most interesting to me personally. There is something a little empowering about thinking through 'these are the things I like, these are the things I don't like, and I get to make these choices.' I'm a freakin' adult now, I get to decide what to do!

Maybe no one else has ever had this problem, but I spent so long reading books because I was required to for school, because I wanted to be as cool as my older sister, because a boy I liked was reading it, because I wanted to be smart and the smart people read books like 'X.' I had some weird block that I wasn't even 100% sure what books made me happiest. I was nearly 30 before I even realized that if you weren't enjoying a book, you could just stop. Just stop reading and never finish that book. Gasp!

So, now I've made peace with it: I like a little sci-fi - especially when it's human, not tech-centered, fantasy not-so-much. I'm a sucker for a little love story mixed in - enough to make my heart tingle, but not a smothering all-encompassing one where that's the whole goal. World War II human stories are so powerful that I've had to put the kibosh on reading any more for awhile. How many times can my heart break over Nazi atrocities? I've also black-balled reading any contemporary fiction that starts off with the main female lead being abused in any way. I have read that, I'm full, I need something else to be in my brain. Of course, this doesn't mean that the right super-long, historically accurate, dude-centric action novel might not be out there waiting to blow my mind. When I find it, I'll revise the list.

I write this knowing this is such a 'duh' moment for a lot of people, but for me it's freeing - I get to like and read whatever dumb book I want to! AND I can write and publish whatever dumb thing I want too. Then hopefully, somebody, somebody out there in the world will pick up my dumb book and think "Ahhhh - exactly the kind of book I heart."

But don't listen to me, I also found this little number in my notebook. One-shoed Abraham Lincoln dancing next to a giant apple?... Really, don't listen to me.