Sincerely, Me

When I made the agonizing decision to fire up a website and start blogging (Blerg - I'm shy; blerg - it'll be good for me; blerg -  no one cares;  So many blergs...) I made a deal with myself.

"Self," I said, "the only way this is going to work is if you are just straight-up 100% you. You can't try to be cooler than you are, smarter than you are, funnier, thoughtful... whatever adjectives are queuing up. But, if you are 'straight-up 100% you' in all your lame, interesting, goofball, cynical, hopeful ways, then maybe the right lame, interesting, goofball, cynical, hopeful people will find you."

I'm saying this because I occasionally read blogs that make me think - 'that's funny, ooh, I should be funnier' or 'ooh that's inspiring, I should be more inspiring,'  This is my pact with you: Maybe I'll be insightful sometimes, maybe I'll be funny. I don't know - it's a crap-shoot. All I can promise is that whatever I say, it will be sincere.

Like they say, when you start to wave your freak flag, wave it high so the other freaks know how to find you.