I got my first book blogger review. Yay! Thanks to Dr. Wesley Britton over on

He was kind - not a zombie fan, but he said nice things. But I'm not sure that even matters, because he's a reviewer and I'm not in control over whether people do or don't like my book--they get their opinions. Having honest thoughts and words out there in the world is the cool part. I will chant this to myself when I get my first terrible, god-awful review which I'm sure is awaiting me down the line.

The whole review thing is a factor of writing that I didn't really get when I started this journey. I had no idea that reviews were so important in whatever behind-the-scenes formulas are in play to make your book visible to on-line book hunters. But I've seen first hand that when I do get reviews, my book can jump tens of thousands of spaces up the best-seller lists (yeah - I'm so far down the list that there is room to jump 50,000 spaces, no problemo).

I also didn't get that it would be so goll darn hard to get reviews. It feels like constant begging--to friends, family members, book bloggers, customers, strangers on the street: "Please sir, may I have a review?" while they swat the porridge bowl out of my hand.

All this on top of already just feeling so grateful that anyone would spend their time, precious, precious time, reading over something I wrote. To have that gratitude in my heart and then also be wishing that they could give me just a little bit more... it feels selfish.

So, if you are looking for a way to send your favorite authors some love, write them a review. Just a handful of honest words-- 'I liked this, I didn't feel this.' Boom, done. And if one of those authors you review just happens to be me....