The Power of "Yet"

In our house we have a trick. It's a one word addition. It started as a way to help our daughter think more positively. Whenever she would say things like "I'm no good at singing," "I can't do division," "I don't know how to ride my bike," things like that, we would just add one word to her sentence:


"I don't know how to ride my bike... yet." is a different sentence. It's hopeful. It's confident. It acknowledges where you are today but also implies that things will happen that haven't happened yet. Who I am today may change by tomorrow. Can change. We can grow, we can learn, we can become things that we weren't before.

When she started adding it to sentences herself, I was all sorts of filled with pride. This means that someday, the whatever she can't do today, she believes she can do. And she will.

Go ahead and take "Yet" for a spin. You might like it. You might feel different. Plus, it doesn't work in a lot of sentences, but those are good for a laugh.

It's an apropos thought for my first blog. Because as of this minute, I'm not a writer, no one who doesn't already know me has read any of my words, I haven't even published a single word... yet.